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Del Mar Village ABC Gift Guide: Z is for Zel’s Seafood and Sunshine

December 10, 2013 at 2:24 pm

Del Mar has the most unconventional setting for the holiday season, but we all love it. So why celebrate the holidays anywhere else than in the perfect SoCal setting of Del Mar Village?


Treat someone who loves spending their holidays in the Del Mar area with a gift card that perfectly represents what being on the West Coast is all about: seafood and sunshine all year long at our favorite Z-named restaurant:

Zel’s Del Mar (between 12th and 13th Street on Camino Del Mar)


In a small and intimate setting, with an urban chic vibe, the menu at Zel’s Del Mar offers nothing less than the best seafood and drinks. Weekend nights also include live-music with great Happy Hour specials. Along with year-long sunshine, Zel’s Del Mar offers a year-long–and an all-night-long–good time.

Treat your West Coast enthusiast to a nice seafood and sunshine outing or a gift card to save for later. Zel’s Del Mar is the perfect place in the Del Mar Village to enjoy the southern Californian surf, seafood and sunshine.

By Sara Bostrand

DMVA Intern 

Del Mar Village ABC Gift Guide: Y is for Yoga

December 10, 2013 at 2:22 pm

Know someone who stresses a little too much throughout the year and could use a little “me-time” through meditation? Give them the gift of stress-relief through the restorative and spiritual practices of yoga!


Encourage them to take the zen approach to life by purchasing them a membership to Del Mar Village’s own special yoga studio:

Bindu Yoga Studio (between 11th and 12th street on Camino Del Mar)


A yogic sanctuary located in the heart of Del Mar, Bindu Yoga is dedicated to the path of love, devotion, truth, gratitude and community. Offering daily classes including special events and workshops, classes are open to all levels from absolute beginners to seasoned practitioners. Class styles range from the standard vinyasa flow to Mommy & Me, Prenatal Flow, Yin Yang, and Slow Flow.

With the benefits of yoga being widely known, give someone special a gift that celebrates life while healing the body and mind. Namaste.

By Sara Bostrand

DMVA Intern

Del Mar Village ABC Gift Guide: X Marks the Spot

December 10, 2013 at 2:20 pm

Have you been searching endlessly for beautiful treasures to give to your loved ones this holiday season? We know where those treasures lie: right here in Del Mar Village! That’s right, X marks the spot on Del Mar Village.


The treasures of Del Mar don’t come in a buried chest; they can be found along Camino Del Mar. So put down your old treasure map, and pick up a map of the Del Mar Village area at the Del Mar Community and Visitor’s Center (1104 Camino Del Mar).


Visit our Del Mar Community and Visitor’s Center for some of the best suggestions for shopping sites and restaurant recommendations. Or visit our website for a complete list of every business in Del Mar

Afterward, feel free to take a relaxing shopping break by strolling along the beautiful beaches of Del Mar. Grab a drink at one of our restaurants with an ocean view and watch the sun set into the Pacifica Ocean.

delmarcoastEnjoy the beautiful seaside views while checking off your holiday gift list. After all, Del Mar Village is the best place for finding unique, one-of-a-kind, and meaningful gifts. Come visit us and you’ll quickly see why X marks the spot on Del Mar Village for all the best treasures.

By Sara Bostrand

DMVA Intern

Del Mar Village ABC Gift Guide: W is for Wine

December 10, 2013 at 2:18 pm

‘Tis the season to be merry, sharing laughter, love and warmth through the holiday season. And let’s add some fine wine to the mix for an even merrier time.

Del Mar Village knows of some places that serve the best types of wines. Give the gift of a gift card or a bottle of delicious wine as a romantic gesture, a friendly present, or just to make a toast to the holidays! Here are two places with the best selection of wines:

Crepes and Corks (Between 13th and 14th Street on Camino Del Mar)


With a long list online, and an even greater selection in store, Crepes and Corks is the perfect place to find a fabulous bottle of wine. Advertising its wine by location (Temecula, Napa Valley, Italy, and France) and classifying it by type (Red, White, Sparkling, and Dessert) is a sure indication that Crepes and Corks knows its stuff. Stop by and pick up a bottle. You’ll certainly wow the recipient with the class, and true taste, of your wine selection.

Enoteca Del Fornaio (Del Mar Plaza)


Located across the patio from Il Fornaio, Enoteca Del Fornaio offers a full bar with a high-class wine selection of top quality. To give some background on the quality of its vino, Il Fornaio was awarded WineSpectator’s Award of Excellence for 2013. If that doesn’t inform you of the class and sophistication of this place, then try it yourself. And then grab a bottle of vino to give someone special.

Give the gift of good wine and company, making those holiday nights even merrier.

By Sara Bostrand

DMVA Intern

Del Mar Village ABC Gift Guide: V is for Vintage

December 10, 2013 at 2:16 pm

Go retro this holiday season with gifts that don’t expire but become vintage! In the name of all that is vintage, take it back (but not too far back) with some awesome throwback gifts this holiday season!

When it comes to vintage, Del Mar Village has two gift ideas in mind:

Historic Stratford Square Ornament (Del Mar Village Association, 1104 Camino Del Mar)


Designated a historical site in 1978, Stratford Square is an iconic landmark of Del Mar. Stratford Square, previously known as the Krockwitz building after a Del Mar founder, earned its historic reputation for being a popular hangout location for visiting celebrities and locals, dating back to 1927. Know and love someone who proudly celebrates Del Mar’s history? Pick up the perfect vintage gift for them at our Welcome Center!

Carolyn’s Designer Resale (Between 13th and 14th Street on Camino Del Mar)
Although under a loose definition of “vintage”, we couldn’t stand to leave out Carolyn’s Designer Resale boutique in our discussion of vintage! Featuring items ranging from relatively new to actual vintage, Carolyn’s Designer Resale offers high fashion items resold by other cosigners. No more of the standard department store finds; you’re sure to find completely unique and “vintage” clothing, shoes, and accessories!

Give the gift of something vintage and totally unique this holiday season!

By Sara Bostrand

DMVA Intern